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Currant Thyme 10oz Lidded Candle

Currant Thyme 10oz Lidded Candle

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Fragrance Description
Juicy red currant mingles brilliantly with the earthy, piney notes of thyme in this luscious fragrance. A pleasant scent for the kitchen that blends well with other fruit aromas, with gentle floral finishes.  perfect gift for the holidays.

Fragrance Family
Fruit / Spice

Fragrance Notes
Red Currant, Green Galbanum, Orange, Rhubarb, Thyme, Jasmine, Chamomile, Rose, Vanilla, Musk

The candle is poured in a colored glass vessel with a metal lid.

The burn time on a single wick candle is 8-10 hours per candle ounce. In other words, a 10 ounce candle will burn for a minimum of 80 hours. All of this, of course, is so long as the wicks are maintained to less than 1/4” at all times. The shorter the flame, the longer the burn time. 

3.5" X 3.25"

Approximately 10 oz.