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Packaging Options

Accurate, Safe, Convenient and Compliant Medication Packaging:

We offer a variety of customizable packaging options to best meet your needs and are able to make changes, as needed, to help you solve any dispensing challenges that may arise.

Wellness Packs

Wellness packs are filled with multiple medications, including OTCs, and are sorted by date, time and resident name. 

Simplify Medication Management
  • Ensure the right dose is administered at the right time
  • Light weight, foldable pouches for easy storage and transport
Cost Effective
  • Reduces your staffing time, improves health care by ensuring patient takes all medications as prescribed 
Increased Safety
  • Reduces risk of medication errors
  • Enables barcode scanning
Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Improves medication adherence and reduces medication errors
  • Provides better management of chronic conditions     
Wellness Packs           Wellness Packs
    Unit Dose Blister Card- days supply can vary from 7,14 and 28 day
    • Sealing provides a compliant, tamper-evident and hygienic packaging solution
    • Decrease medication errors
    • Support refill management
    • Color-coded by time
    • Ease of dose changes 
    16 Day Blister Card30 Day Blister CardColor-Coded RX Labels