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Claire Burke Original Diffuser

Claire Burke Original Diffuser

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The beauty of diffusers is that fragrance is always living in your space. This means no matches, no fuss and no hassle—how’s that for easy?

Displaying a graceful fusion of modern glass and elegant reeds, the fragrance diffuser is a flameless alternative way to surround your space with the timeless aroma of the Claire Burke® Original.

Beautifully packaged and ready for gift-giving, this fragrance blend of rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices is our best seller. Fragrances for up to 30 days.

☞ Exclusive Diffuser 
☞ Diffuser Fragrance Oil (3 fl oz) 
☞ Reed Sticks (12 count)
☞ Freshens approximately 800 square feet
☞ 5-10 drops in accordance with the Claire Burke Vase

1. Place Reed Diffuser vase on a stable surface that is not wood, lacquered, polished, or painted.
2. Pour Refill into Diffuser vase and insert, then carefully remove and flip reeds to allow other end to become saturated. Control fragrance intensity by the number of reeds used and frequency of flipping the reeds.