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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the rapidly changing local and nationwide vaccine distribution plan. We have received your calls, emails, and messages wishing to get on a waitlist for the COVID-19 vaccine. We want to keep everyone updated that while we have been working to get approval to be a vaccine provider, we do not expect vaccine supplies to be available to us at this time.

Most importantly, we want to encourage all of you to use any option to obtain your first dose of the vaccine from any approved provider.

Reasons behind this recommendation are listed below. As of now, this is what we know.

  1. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the new hub system COVID-19 vaccine distribution program on Monday, January 11th, 2021. At this time, Austin Public Health is the only hub in the Austin area.
  2. We do NOT expect supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine arriving in the near future.
  3. We will continue to monitor the distribution plan and if anything changes and we do receive vaccine supplies, we will send another email to notify you with next steps.

If you are trying to get on a vaccine waitlist, we recommend you visit the Austin Public Health (APH) website. You can also visit the Texas DSHS website for more information about COVID-19 vaccinations for specific population groups in our area.

Northwest Hills Pharmacy has served the Austin community for 57 years and we remain committed to your health and well being. We will keep you updated by email and web announcements as we get more information.
Thank you for your continued patience.

You can still sign up to receive email vaccine updates. Please join our notification list by entering your information and typing "COVID-19 Vaccine" in the message box on the Contact Us tab.